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W E L C O M E   !
I'm Mareva - Kim-Lan, architect & watercolorist. I design architectural and landscaping views, customised-unique watercolors on commission, and mural paintings.

« Graduate architect and Watercolorist lover, I'm actually living in Biarritz, South of France. I enjoy going for a walk, I'm so curious to discover environment around us. It is my first inspiration and I always have a little sketchbook with me. To paint is for me loving life. My first purpose is to share my world view, how I feel it, with pleasure, joy, gratitud, eyes opened and with paintbrushes on my hands ! »

Koalakimlan art
Mareva Koalakimlan

Let's work and create together !

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Koalakimlan architecture


Koalakimlan commande


Koalakimlan fresque


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As a kid, I'm in love with art throught drawing, dancing and painting. With a family all around the world, and a navigator dad, we travel a lot. That's why I enjoy travelling now : it give to me an open-minded and it is my first inspiration.

I grew up in Bordeaux, where I'm graduate with a BTS Design d'Espace (Spatial Design). Then, I study architecture in Paris and Buenos Aires. In 2018, graduate as an architect, I work in Marseille (Mediterranean South of France).

Watercolor is my passion. Time flies and I have more and more commissions... In 2022, I have a break with my architectural job to create «Koalakimlan» : today, it's with a lot of joy and dynamism that I'm developping this wonderful activity !

Koalakimlan urbansketch

Les aquarelles de Koalakimlan

par ici !

Find some of my creations on shops !

B o k e h l i  
  A r t   G a l l e r y   i n   B o r d e a u x
Unique watercolors certified as original

A r c h i p e l s  
  D e s i g n e r s   S h o p   i n   M a r s e i l l e
Postcards and posters of Marseille

H e r e  
  P e r s o n n a l   o n l i n e   s h o p
Prints on limited editions

Koalakimlan Bordeaux
Koalakimlan Bordeaux
Koalakimlan Bordeaux

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Koalakimlan art
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